AI Bot for Telegram.

We created a Telegram bot, that answers questions using the Openai library. The bot also creates images based on your prompt.

it can show receipts for any food, answer legal questions, or write stories. Use it like google, but without advertisements and surfing between tens of websites.

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How is it different from chatGPT?

For now, it is similar to chatGPT, except that you don’t need to register, the bot is nearly never on high capacity, and you get the answer immediately. However, it is not free for us to make the prompts. we pay nearly 2 cents for every 1000 characters that you enter. For now, we make 10 questions per day free for everyone, but if you want more, please pay 5€ a month.

What will be in future

Translation option. For now, chatbots are translating the original language to English, using special algorithms, that are precise, but such algorithms consume 10 times more memory (tokens). That means, the input in Russian or German language can be max. 400 characters, instead of 4000 in English. And the same with output. But we implement the translator that will solve the question and a bot will provide a long helpful answer

Image uploading. Sometimes, you need to solve a task that is written on paper. Instead of manual copying, you can just upload an image.

Document uploading. You can also upload a document as input for a bot. For example, a bot could check the document for mistakes, and grammatical errors, or it can make a summary of a text. It can also check a code for mistakes. The document can be a book, a final report, a business plan, or the terms and conditions. The main stuff is, that the document can have more than 4000 characters, and the bot will still be able to answer. however, such operation is more expensive for us. To make a summary of one book that you upload, for example with 300 pages and 1000 characters on each page will cost us 6€.

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